(Update 06.11.2003)


Egill Sæbjörnsson

born 1973 in Reykjavik, Iceland




1995 - 1996 Université Paris 8. St.Denis. France

1993 - 1997 The Icelandic College of Arts and Craft. Reykjavik


Solo exhibitions:


2003        Egill Sæbjörnsson - Galleri Hlemmur – Reykjavik - Iceland

2003        Egill Sæbjörnsson – Hola Mora III. Slunkariki – Isafjordur - Iceland

2003        You Take all My Time – Cooper Art Galleries, Dundee Contemporary Arts. Dundee

2002        The Happy Science – The bar at Dundee Contemporary Arts. Dundee

2002        Unnar & Egill Ny Verk – Kopavogur Art-museum. Iceland

2002        Unnar & Egill New Works. Westwerk. Hamburg

2002        Island Hoch Festival - Frisör BEIGE. Animation - Berlin

2000        Homebuddah - Galleri hlemmur, The wall. Reykjavik. Iceland

2000        New Works - Oneooone galleri. Reykjavik

2000        Egill Sæbjörnsson - DFKU. Odense. Denmark

1999        Catgarden  -Gallery Urban Issue. Berlin

1999        Gallerie Schallschutz. With Ingirafn Steinarsson & Maggi Logi. Hanover. Germany

1998        Dangerous Liaisons - Gallery Fish. With Hreinn Fridfinnsson. Reykjavik

1998        Gulp-song -  Gallery Gulp!. Reykjavik

1998        Stone - Cafe Mokka. Reykjavik

1998        Clay-horses - Gallery 20 m. Reykjavik

1997        Black Thousand Kronur Bill - Gallery Geysir. Reykjavik

1996        Up & Down - Gallery Kælir. Reykjavik

1996        Burn Baby Burn - Gallery Gulp!. Reykjavik


Group exhibitions:


2004        Berlin-North. Hamburger Bahnhof – National Galleries. Berlin

2003        Instructions. Kunsthalle Wien. Austria

2003        Behind the eyes. Bergen Kunsthalle. Norway

2003        Hreinn Fridfinnsson – overview. Collaboration piece “Fish”. Safn-Museum for contemporary art. Reykjavik

2003        Rotko – St.Petersburg. Russia

2003        Electric Currents. Video art program. St-Petersburg. Russia

2003        DISSONANZE 2003, Roma, Italy

2003        Smekkleysa – BadTaste, the musiclabel. Municipal Art Museum of Reykjavik

2003        Multiplex. Language gallery. Dublin, Ireland

2003        Daria Martin – soloshow. Close-up Gallery’s film soundtrack. Gallery Analix Forever. Geneva. Switzerland

2003        ‘Inside Outliners’ – a probable anthology - Kunsthalle Lophem Belgium  (curator Roland Patteeuw)

2003        A – clip. A micro invention in cinema space. Berlin, London, Los Angeles

2003        Sex and politics. Videoprogram organised by Gallery G.U.N for Gallery F15. Oslo

2003        Southbound – Berlin based artists from the Nordic countries – in collaboration with Hamburger Bahnhof and Nifca, Berlin

2002        14 islenskir listamenn - Ljosarvirkjun. Iceland

2002        Here and now. Buro Friedrich. Berlin

2002        5 Kuenstler aus Skandinavien. Galerie Georg Nothelfer. Berlin

2002        My body is over the ocean. Alma Löv Art Museum. Sweden

2001            Right about now. Screening program in Beyond Paradise. Museum of Modern Art Stockholm.

2002        Art for Young Men. Helsinki City Art Museum. Helsinki

2001        Sound in Art. Gallery Priestor. Bratislava,

2001        Blick, a travelling video program. National Gallery of Sweden and Nifca

2001        Ars01 - Kiasma - The National Gallery of Finland – Finland

2001        Polyphony – musicart festival - The Living Art museum in Reykjavik

2001        Pestcontrol –by Hartmut Andryczuk. Gaertnerei Kreuzberg. Berlin

2001        Call me Sarajevo. Videoexhibition. Sarajevo

2001        Fullveldi – young artists in Iceland. Kopavogur Art Museum. Iceland

2000        Shoppin & Fuckin. Groupwork of 7 Icelandic artists and the theatergroup Egg-leikhusid at The Living Art Museum. Reykjavik, Iceland

2000        Eine deutsche Einkaufspassage. Project by Hlynur Hallsson, Carsten Greife and Daniel Schurer. Kunstraum-Podbi Park-Lister. Hanover. Germany

2000        www.orb.is  Icelandic web art. The Icelandic Art Museum. Cur: Bragi Halldorsson. Reykjavik

2000        Nordic. Contemporary art from the Nordic countries. Kunsthalle Wien. Austria

2000        Der Hybride Garten. Cur: Hartmut Andryczuk.  Kreuzberg Gaertnerei. Berlin

2000        Flakk or that extraordinary sensation of being abroad even when at home. Part of European Cultural City 2000. The Nordic House. Reykjavik

2000        It could be obsession. Rotor – association for contemporary art, Graz  Austria

2000        Orgasm2000. The Art Museumof Akureyri. Iceland

1999        The Museum House Egilsstadir. Exhibition. 20 Icelandic artists. Iceland

1999        Trace: an environmental sound installation. The Banff Center for the Arts Media and Visual Arts.

                Alberta. Canada

1998        Cosmopolitan Bonsai 2. Gallery Hotel. Zurich. Switzerland

1998        Station to Station. Hungarian and Icelandic artists. The Living Art Museum. Cur: Halldor Bjorn Runolfsson and Barnabas Bensic. Reykjavik

1998        -30/60+. Icelandic artists younger than 30 and older than 60. The Municipal Art Museum of Reykjavik

1998        Nordic Poles. Lucky Thirteen project. Ms.Stubniz. Stockholm

1998        In the Flesh. Exhibition on the body. The Living Art Museum. Reykjavik

1998        The 20th Anniversary of the L.A.M. The Living Art Museum. Reykjavik

1997        Art '97. Icelandic artists – saloon show. Hafnarhusid. Reykjavik

1997        Flax. Artists from the group Luckty Thirteen. Gallery Thomas Angell Trondheim

1997        Self-portraits of Icelandic Male Artists. Cafe Mokka. Reykjavik

1996        Final exhibition of Gallery Greip. Gallery Greip. Reykjavik

1996        Icelandic Cartoons. Together with Kristjan Oddur Sæbjörnsson. Gallery Greip. Reykjavik

1995        The department of mixed media ICAC. The Living Art Museum. Reykjavik

1993        The Independent Art Festival in Reykjavik. Laugavegur 22. Reykjavik

1992        Young Art Hitt Husid.. Reykjavik


Events and performances:


2003        Four Variations of Sorrow. Performance with Ragnar Kjartansson. Municipal Art Museum of Reykjavik

2003        Four Variations of Sorrow. Performance with Ragnar Kjartansson. Gallery Kling & Bang. Reykjavik

2003        Egill S – concert. Innipukinn – musicfestival. Reykjavik

2003        Egill S – concert. Municipal Art Museum of Reykjavik

2003        Egill S – concert. Goldmund – club. Berlin

2003        Rotterdam VHS-festival, Het Wilde Weten. Rotterdam. Holland

2003        Egill S & The Mammoths. Concert at Signal gallery. Malmo, Sweden

2003        Egill S & The Mammoths. Concert at the Golden Gate club, Berlin

2003        Egill S & The Mammoths. Music performance at Buro Friedrich, Berlin

2003        Egill S - Concert at Kunst und Technic. Berlin

2003        Two warm up concerts for the Danish band Sort Sol in Vega in Kopenhagen, Denmark

2003        You Take all My Time – performance in The Cooper Galleries at The Art college of Duncan og Jordanstone, Dundee, Scotland

2003        Artist’s talk at the Art college of Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee

2003        You Are My Loving Insane – VHS-Festival. Off-Corso. Rotterdam Film Festival

2003        You Are My Loving Insane – VHS-Festival. CBK Rotterdam (Art Centre Rotterdam)

2002        Austurbaer – concert with SKE- Reykjavik

2002        Skinn og lak – performance at the opening of the Nordic Film Festival, Dundee Contemporary

Arts – Dundee – UK

2002        You Take all My Time, performance at the opening of Unnar & Egill – Ny verk, Kopavogur Art

Museum, Iceland

2002        You Take all My Time, performance in Lisa Lounge on the Stardust deluxe evening with artists

working in sound and music. Berlin

2002        Musicperformance in Westwerk in connection with Unnar & Egill – Ny verk – Hamburg

2002        Musicperformance in NBI – Neue Berliner Initiatif - Berlin

2002        Musicperformance at Converter 2 – Music and art-festival –  In collaboration with Franz Graf and Stromstrasse music label. The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik

2002        Musicperformance in Café Burger – Berlin 

2002        Musicperformance in Knaack club – with MUM - Berlin

2002        Musicperformance at BuroFriedrich opening of Here and Now - Berlin

2002        Arcipelago Film Festival. You Are My Loving Insane. Rome - Italy

2002        Lisa Lounge – concert with Popchor Berlin - Berlin

2002        Musicperformance Berliner Festspiele. Grose Stimmgabe – part of “Island Hoch Festival” in Berlin

2002        Roter Salon – concert with Popchor Berlin - Berlin

2001            Musicperformance in Buryzone, Bratislava

2001            Musicperformance in Armani Studio. Vienna

2001        Musicperformance Converter 1 -  music and art festival – in collaboration with Franz Graf and Stromstrasse music label. Art academy in Vienna

2001        Musicperformance in Dirk Bell club - Berlin

2001        Musicperformance in Ljubliana K4 club

2001        Musicperformance at Nifcastudios Suomenlinna

2001        Concert in NBI club Berlin

2001        Video for The Cultural night in Reykjavik.

2001        Skinn og lak. Polyphony festival ar The Lving Artmuseum in Reykjavik

2001        Eaglebeagle – concert at The Living Art museum Reykjavik

2001        Tonk – paperconcert – With Sigurdur Gudjonsson, Asdis Sif Gunnarsdottir and Bjarni Grimsson

2000        Batofar. Artists from Nordic countires. Paris. France

2000        Les boreals de Normandie. Dans I, II, III & IV. Installation and performance. France

2000        The Ghosthouse. Group-performances at the Yellow House. Reykjavik

2000        Broken music-performance. 50th anniversary of Halldor Bjorn Runolfsson, art critic and historian.

2000        Video-festival. Copenhagen. Denmark

2000        Tricktisch 7. Café R.Z. Videonight. Berlin

2000        Death Disco Club. Radiosendung am park. Live radio performance from a car. Org. by Klaus Weber. Berlin, Germany

2000        Öffene atelier. Barkenhoff, Worpswede. Germany

2000        Dans III. Festival for film. Liepaja. Kristine Briede. Lettland

2000        Death on two legs. The Nordic House. Reykjavik

2000        Dans III. Kunsthalle Wien. Autria

2000        Dans III. Rotor. Graz. Austria

1999        Rolling Snowball. Concert in Maria am Ostbahnhof with Andreas Berthling. Berlin

1999        Dans III. Performance. Goethe Institute Reykjavik Prasentiert Islandische Kultur in

                Berlin. Org. by Wolfgang Mueller. Podevil. Berlin

1999        The International Rock and Roll Summer of Egill Sæbjörnsson. Video/Performance. Jazz-bar-

                Dinstagsbar. Berlin

1999        The International Rock and Roll Summer of Egill Sæbjörnsson. CD release-party . Café Thomsen.


1999        Dans III.  Performance. FlitjenBar. Maria am Ostbahnhof. Berlin

1999        Dans III.  Performance. Kunstverein Hanover. Hanover

1999        Dans III.  Performance. Soirée Revue NeufNeuf. Le Frigo. Paris

1998        Dans III. In the Flesh.  Performance. The Reykjavik Art Festival. The Living Art Museum.


1997        Dance I.  Performance/slides-show. Evening against drugs. The National Theater Cellar.    Reykjavik

1997        Card-trick. CU-SeeMe performance via Internet. Connection between the show of Tar-get in The

                Living Art Museum and Screens in Trondheim. Norway

1997        Fire/Desire. Performance at Café Solon Islandus. Reykjavik

1997        Princess Blut. Performance. / Dance I Performance. / Video: In a Windowsill. Four days festival.

                Gallery Undir Pari. Reykjavik

1996        Burning down the gallery" Performance. Gallery Gulp. Hveragerdi. Iceland

1996        Singing from my diary. Performance. Candid Art Gallery. London

1995        Confrontations. Performance. The Nordic House. Reykjavik

1995        Ob-la-di, ob-la-da. Performance – singing the Beatle’s song. The Living Art Museum. Reykjavik




2003        A Fantasic Room. Collaboration with Asdis Sif Gunnarsdottir, Sigurdur Gudjonsson, Elin Hansdottir and Sara Riel, for the exhibition Berlin North at Hamburger Bahnhof, National Galleries. Berlin

2003        Four Variations of Sorrow. Performance with Ragnar Kjartansson

2003        Sountrack for the film “Close-up Gallery” by artist Daria Martin (London)

2003        Ping Pong D’Amour. Music for the Artist’s made TV series. Together with Klaus Weber

2000        Translation and making of music for the project Collaboration by David TV, Paris France

2000        Music shop. Project by Alexander Rishaug. Trondheim Art Museum. Norway

1999        Poster for the Hall of Fame at Dinstagsbar, Schroederstrasse. Org: Klaus Weber. Mitte Berlin

1998        Eaglethorp meets... . Internet-project. Point Project. Trondheim. Norway

1997        Lucky Thirteen. Collaboration of 12 Nordic art-students who made a travelling art-academy. Two

                months travel to 12 cities in Scandinavia and Iceland.

1997        AE. The Private Art-academy. Teachers: Halldór Björn Runólfsson, Art-historian and criticer.

OliverKochta, artist from Hamburg. Serge Comte, artist from France. Douglas Davis, artist from New York. Baldur Helgason, artist from Reykjavik

1997            Spela. Electro-music duo with Isak Eldh from Sweden


Works and texts published in Magazines:


2002        Marlon 02. Food and Recipies. Together with David TV - Berlin

2001        Article on the icelandic artscene. www.icelandculture.is

2000        eagle beagle – eaglestuff (photographs) Starship magazine. Berlin.

2000        L´homme qui vendait sa tete. Cinema sculpture. Paris. France

2000        Drawings “Black heads”.. Fukt-magasine for drawings. Trondheim. Norway

2000        Create you own fashionstory. Curated by Catherine Chevalier. Revue NeufNeuf. Paris

2000        Videostills from the video ´”Krush n’kil n’krád n’keil” by The Flower (Ingibjörg Magnadottir and Asdis Sif Gunnarsdottir) from The International Rock n'roll Summer of Egill Sæbjörnsson. Starship.Berlin

1999        Dance III, Stickers + Dans III audio drumtrack. Revue Neuf Neuf. Magazine. Paris

1998        Article about Reykjavik's art scene. Starship. Berlin

1998        Dance III, Pictures. NEID-Magazine, Berlin

1998        The Giant on the Bed. Photoseries. 101. Magazine on advanced cinema. Paris

1997        Lucky Thirteen. Two articles. Morgunbladid. Reykjavik

1997        Drawings Fjölnir. Magazine on arts. Reykjavik

1997        Advertisements for the City of Reykjavik. Fjölnir. Magazine on arts. Reykjavik

1997        The Athletic Girl. Photoseries. Studentabladid. Magazine of the University of Iceland

1996        The Giant on the Bed. Photoseries. Studentabladid. Reykjavik

1996        Hot Dog '96. With Gabriela Fridriksdottir. Studentabladid. Reykjavik.




2003        Contemporary Arts. Hanna Styrmisdottir review.

2002        Berliner Zeitung – “Das Laecheln der Reisenden” by Jana Sittnick. Page 26 - Berlin

2002        TAZ – specialheft fuer Island Hoch Festival Berlin – photos - Berlin

2002        Beyond Paradise – Nordic artists travel east - catalogue

2001        Intro – musicmagazine. Germany. November issue.

2001        The Guardian – June 22, 2001

2001        NME – June 2001

2001        I mag Hong Kong – June issue

2001        Q magazine July 2001

2001        Ars01 catalogue. The National Gallery of Finland- Kiasma.

2000        Les Boréales – Les corps – Festival d’art et de litérature Nordiques proposé par le centre régional des lettres de basse-normandie – page 28 - France

2000        Rotor – yearbook – pages19 – 22 – text by Sabine Folie. Graz - Austria

2000        Flakk or that extraordinary sensation of being abroad even when at home. Catalog. The Nordic

                House in Reykjavik. Published by The Nordic House in Reykjavik and NIFCA.

2000        Der Spiegel. 23/2000. Page 205.  Grusel unter dem Billy Regal

2000        Sehnsucht nach Landschaft. Catalog. Kunstlerhauser Worpswede. Germany

2000        Nordic. Catalog. Kunsthalle Wien. Austria

1998        -30/60+. Catalog of the exhibition. The Municipal Art Museum of Reykjavik. Published by the Cultural

Committee of the City of Reykjavik

1998        In the Flesh. Catalog/book of the exhibition on arts and the human body. The Reykjavik Art Festival Published by The Icelandic Cultural Enterprise art.is




2002        Reproduced & Deper – Egill S – 50 numbered copies - Reykjavik

2002        Safndiskur fra Smekkleysu – BadTaste - Reykjavik

2001        You Are My Loving Insane – single from Tonk of the lawn – SomeBizarre - England

2001        Death Disco Club- compilation. Klaus Weber - Berlin

2001        I´d rather shout back at... compilation CD. SomeBizarre. London UK

2001        Tonk of the lawn. UK and USA release. SomeBizarre records

2000        Tonk of the lawn. Released on Bad Taste Records in Iceland

2000        Rolling Snowball. From the exhibition Orgasm 2000 at The Art museum of Akureyri. Iceland

2000        The International Rock n’roll Summer of Egill Sæbjörnsson. Kunsthalle Wien Version.

1999        The International Rock n’roll Summer of Egill Sæbjörnsson

1997        DJ Egill. Collection of re-mixes from 1986 – 1988.


CD-ROM works:


1999        Kjós, Miklatún and Bollagata. 3 QTVR works

1999        Catgarden. QTVR. Berlin

1999        Urban Issue. QTVR. For Urban Issue. Berlin

1999        Potsdamer Platz. QTVR. Berlin




2003        Nurture Your Senses

2003        Ceci n’est pas un negre. Production for A – clip project.

2003        You Take all My Time – performance. Musicvideo

2002        Animation (BEIGE)

2001        Skubbidubbidoo

2001        The Happy Science – double channel DVD video-installation

2001        You are my loving insane – musicvideo – animation

2000        I love you so – musicvideo. By Smoczek videos, Deborah Schamoni, Berlin

2000        Rolling Snowball – collaboration with The Flower – music video

1999        Oh I need Your Love Babe. Animated musicvideo

1999        Dyrarokk. Animated music video

1998        Dans III. Animation

1998        Stone. Animation

1997        Walking in a windowsill

1997        Slow motion in a corridor

1997        Slow motion with a ladder and talking

1997        Brushing teeth. Copenhagen

1997        Loneliness. Umea, Sweden

1997        Afraid of heights. Umea. Sweden

1997        Walks. Throndheim. Norway


Recidencies and stipends:


2004        Bethanien – Kunstlerhaus, Berlin. International Studio Program

2003        Artist’s working stipendium of Reykjavik’s City Counsil.

2003        Myndstef. Artist’s grant

2003        The Visual Arts Stipend Fond. Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. Iceland

2003        Sleipnir

2002        Sleipnir

2002        Nordic Residencies Program. Dundee Contemporary Arts. Nifca

2000        The Visual Arts Stipend Fond. Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. Iceland

2000        Sleipnir.  Travel-grant

2000        Barkenhoff stiftung. Kunstlerhauser Worpswede.  Germany

2000        Nifca Residencies 2000. Vilnius. Lithuania

1997        NKKK. Travel grant for the project "Lucky Thirteen".

1995        Erasmus – exchange program.


Representation in collections:


2001        Gunnar Dungal/Penninn – Dans II

2000        The National Gallery of Iceland – Kjós, Miklatún og Bollagata QTVR, CD-rom

1998        The Living Art Museum of Reykjavik. "The International Rock

and Roll Summer of Egill Sæbjörnsson". Videos and CD


Prizes:   2002 Pennastyrkurinn. For the work Dance III

1997 ART '97. 2nd prize. For the work Dance II




Egill Sæbjörnsson

Brunnenstrasse 180

10119 Berlin





Miklabraut 52

105 Reykjavik